The Anger of the Communist Is Based on Selfishness

Communism begins at the moment conceit is attacked; fists clench and rise as soon as the ego is challenged; cheeks flush as soon as self-love is wounded; and blood boils and flows at that split second when pride is humbled. The anger of the communist is based on selfishness; he hates the rich not because he loves the poor in spirit, but because he wants to be rich himself. Every communist is really a capitalist without any cash in his pockets. Selfishness is the world's greatest sin; that is why the world hates those who hate it, why it is jealous of those who have more; why it is envious of those who do more; why it dislikes those who refuse to flatter; and why it scorns those who tell us the truth about ourselves. Its whole life is inspired by the egotistical, and the personal, and its wrath is born of that self-love.

(Fulton J. Sheen, “The Cries of Jesus from the Cross”, Sophia 2018, Page 009)

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