The Meek Man Never Allows His Fists to Go up for an Unholy Purpose

Consider the anger of the meek man. For the meek man, not selfishness but righteousness is his guiding principle. He is so possessed, he never allows his fists to go up for an unholy purpose, or in defense of his pride or vanity, or conceit, or because he wants the wealth of another. Only the principles of God's righteousness arouse a meek man. Moses was a meek man, but he broke the tablets of stone when he found his people were disobeying God. Our Lord is meekness itself, and yet He drove the buyers and sellers from the Temple when they prostituted His Father's house; but when He came to the doves, He was so self-possessed that He gently released them from the cages. He is so much master of Himself that He is angry only when holiness is attacked, but never when His person is attacked.

(Fulton J. Sheen, “The Cries of Jesus from the Cross”, Sophia 2018, Page 008)

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