Quest for Holiness, the Deeper Meaning of Work and Study

At this point we can understand the deeper meaning of study and work at the same time: the quest for holiness. The task that lies ahead of you as you pursue a Christian testimony in university work can therefore be expressed in a word with great content: holiness. Holiness in study and through study. The world of work has need of your holy lives. And this holy life is made up of doctrine and prayer, intimacy with Christ and work: it is made up of Love. The reason for this? I take it from words that are certainly well known to you: "Your human vocation is a part, and an important part, of your divine vocation. That is the reason you must strive for holiness, contributing at the same time to the holiness of others, your fellow men, in sanctifying your work and your environment: the profession or job that fills your day, which gives a particular character to your human personality, your lifestyle" (Josemaria Escrivá, Pasa Jesús | Jesus is passing by. § 46). 


(Pope John Paul II, “Love is the Explanation of Everything”, Rizzoli 2011, Page 049)

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