Conscience Reflects the Moral Law Which Culminates in the Commandment of Love

Man presents himself to the presence of God in all his inner truth. This is the truth of the conscience. Reflected in it is the moral law that is known to man: in fact, it is not only confirmed by revelation, but it is also written in the hearts of one and all. This law culminates in the commandment of love. By the light of this law-and to an even greater degree, in the light of the love revealed in the Cross of Christ-man sees his own life and his own behavior, his own thoughts, words, and works. He sees in the truth. And through this truth he encounters God. He cannot meet with him except in the truth. It is in this that the irreplaceable greatness of the conscience consists. Lent summons and exhorts our consciences with particular vigor. 

ANGELUS February 16, 1986

(Pope John Paul II, “Love is the Explanation of Everything”, Rizzoli 2011, Page 099)

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