Every Human Heart Is Summoned to Beat with the Rhythm of Justice and Charity

It was in the womb of Mary that the man and the heart were both conceived This heart is-just like any human heart-a center, a sanctuary in which the spiritual life pulsates with a special rhythm. The heart, irreplaceable resonance of everything that the spirit of man experiences. Every human heart is summoned to beat with the rhythm of justice and charity. This is the measure of man's true dignity. The heart of Jesus beats with the rhythm of justice and love to the same divine measure! This, in fact, is the heart of the man-God. In it, all justice of God toward man must be achieved until the end and also, to a certain degree, the justice of man toward God. In the human heart of the Son of God, the justice of God himself is offered to humanity. This justice is at the same time the gift of love. It is through the heart of Jesus that love entered the history of humanity as enduring love: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son" (Jn 3:16). 

ANGELUS July 14, 1985

(Pope John Paul II, “Love is the Explanation of Everything”, Rizzoli 2011, Page 087)

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