Man Is Riven with His Need for Salvation, Liberation, and Peace

Today man is riven with an existential disquiet that manifests, in different forms and tones, his need for salvation, liberation, and peace. Through the significant encounters of his life, he learns to appreciate the value of the constituent dimensions of his own being, first and foremost the dimensions of religion, the family, and the people to whom he belongs. Still, sooner or later, he realizes to a dramatic degree that he does not yet possess the ultimate significance of those encounters, capable of making them definitively good, true, and beautiful. And he then feels an inherent inability to appease his need for the infinite. He is thus placed before a tremendous either/or: to demand that Another appear on the horizon of his existence to reveal and render possible its complete fulfillment, or to withdraw into himself, in existential solitude in which the very positivity of being is denied. The shouted demand, or the blasphemy: that is all that remains to him! 


(Pope John Paul II, “Love is the Explanation of Everything”, Rizzoli 2011, Page 079)

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