Christ Is the Lighthouse That Illuminates the Church

Dear brothers, may these words of the Lord be for you as well a source of faith and encouragement in your difficulties and dark moments; let them be a guarantee of continual assistance, which he will never deny to anyone who turns to him with faith, to him who holds the keys to all the enigmas of the human heart and who gives ultimate meaning to every action. If, like the apostles, you have Jesus with you on the voyage of your life, you need fear neither tempests nor unfavorable winds. The image of the ship is the symbol of the Church in the world. Saint Augustine, in his journeys to and from Africa, plied the seas and, great thinker that he was, he did not miss the opportunity to express a spiritual reflection in that context: "We are sailors, when we look out at the waves and the tempests of this earthly world. But we do not sink, because we are carried safely by the wood of the cross" (Treatise on the Gospel of John, 27:7). The Church is this life raft of salvation that assures you safe passage, and Christ is the safe harbor, he is the lighthouse that guides and illuminates your navigation. 


(Pope John Paul II, “Love is the Explanation of Everything”, Rizzoli 2011, Page 125)

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