Mountains, an Eloquent Image of the Immutable Eternity of God

In the presence of the majestic spectacle of these powerful peaks and these immaculate snows, the mind rises spontaneously to him who is the creator of these wonders: "From eternity to eternity you are God" (Ps 90:2). Throughout time, mankind has considered the mountains to be the site of a privileged experience of God and his incomparable grandeur. The existence of man is precarious and changeable, the existence of mountains is stable and enduring: an eloquent image of the immutable eternity of God. On the mountains, the chaotic noise of the city is no longer heard and what dominates is the silence of boundless space: a silence in which man is permitted to hear more distinctly the interior echo of the voice of God. When we look at mountain peaks we have the impression that the earth is reaching upward as if attempting to reach heaven. In that impetus, man feels that his yearning for the transcendent and the infinite has in some sense found expression. 

ANGELUS, AOSTA, ITALY September 7, 1986

(Pope John Paul II, “Love is the Explanation of Everything”, Rizzoli 2011, Page 113)

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