Modern Society Idolizes Health, Youth, Power, and Beauty

How can I be blessed? you ask yourself. For the most part, modern society idolizes health, youth, power, and beauty. The sick and the old seem to lack precisely those things that the world so much admires. But there is a higher wisdom, a wisdom that reveals the true meaning of our human weakness and our pain. That wisdom is revealed in Christ. He knows what it is to suffer; he experienced it on the road to Calvary. He was scourged and crowned with thorns; he had to carry the Cross and was crucified. Christ associates with himself in the closest possible way to all those who suffer. If any of your relatives, neighbors, and those looking after you do not fully understand how much you suffer, be assured that Christ the Lord does. Not only does the Lord understand our sufferings but he teaches us that suffering, pain, growing old, and death itself- all these things have an immense value when they are united with his own Passion and Death. In fact, Jesus says that no one can claim to follow him without taking up his Cross. 


(Pope John Paul II, “Love is the Explanation of Everything”, Rizzoli 2011, Page 153)

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