Saint John Vianney, the Cure of Ars

Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney (8 May 1786 – 4 August 1859)

how many seem to be good Christians in the eyes of the world who are really tepid souls in the eyes of God, Who knows our inmost hearts.

The Sermons of The Cure of Ars, TAN Books 2013, Page 15


Memorial for St. John Vianney, Concluding Prayer

Almighty and merciful God, who made the Priest Saint John Vianney wonderful in his pastoral zeal, grant, we pray, that through his intercession and example we may in charity win brothers and sisters for Christ and attain with them eternal glory. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. — Amen. (From the Liturgy of the Hours, Office of Readings, CONCLUDING PRAYER, Memorial for St. John Vianney)

A Man’s Happiness Lies in Prayer and in Love

My little children, reflect on these words: the Christian’s treasure is not on earth but in heaven. Our thoughts, then, ought to be directed to where our treasure is. This is the glorious duty of man: to pray and to love. If you pray and love, that is where a man’s happiness lies. Prayer is nothing else but union with God. When one has a heart that is pure and united with God, he is given a kind of serenity and sweetness that makes him ecstatic, a light that surrounds him with marvelous brightness. In this intimate union, God andContinue reading “A Man’s Happiness Lies in Prayer and in Love”

Do You Want to Be Happy? Fix Your Eyes on Heaven

If we hope to have any consolation in this world, it will only be by despising the things which are passing and which have no lasting value and in striving towards the noble and happy end for which God has created us. Do you want to be happy, my friends? Fix your eyes on Heaven; it is there that your hearts will find that which will satisfy them completely. (from the Book “The Sermons of The Cure of Ars”, TAN Books 2013, Page 228)

St. Simeon Salus, the Holy Fool

It is recounted in the history of the Fathers of the Desert that a hermit named Simeon had remained for many years in solitude when he got the idea of returning to the world. But he asked God that men should never know his intentions during his lifetime. God granted him this grace and he went into the world. He used to pretend to be a fool, and he delivered the possessed from the Devil and he cured the sick. He used to go into the houses of women of evil life and make them swear that they would loveContinue reading “St. Simeon Salus, the Holy Fool”

Without Charity You Will Never See God

Ah, dear lord, how Christians are damned through lack of charity! No, no, my dear brethren, even if you could perform miracles, you will never be saved if you have not charity. Not to have charity is not to know your religion; it is to have a religion of whim, mood, and inclination. Carry on, carry on, you are only hypocrites and outcasts! Without charity you will never see God, you will never go to Heaven! (from the Book “The Sermons of The Cure of Ars”, TAN Books 2013, Page 219)

Our Religion Is False If We Have Not That Universal Charity for Everyone

All of our religion is but a false religion and all our virtues are mere illusions and we ourselves are only hypocrites in the sight of God if we have not that universal charity for everyone, for the good and for the bad, for the poor people as well as for the rich, for all those who do us harm as much as for those who do us good. (from the Book “The Sermons of The Cure of Ars”, TAN Books 2013, Page 218)

St. Charles Borromeo’s Devotion to Mary

Let us follow the footsteps of all those true servants of Mary. Belonging to this number were St. Charles Borromeo, who always said his rosary on his knees. What is more, he fasted on all vigils of the feasts of the Blessed Virgin. He was so careful about saluting her on the stroke of the bell that when the Angelus rang, wherever he was, he went down on his knees, sometimes even in the middle of the road when it was full of mud. He desired that his whole diocese should have a great devotion to Mary and that herContinue reading “St. Charles Borromeo’s Devotion to Mary”

Dancing Is the Perdition of Girls and Women, the Joy of the Devils

St. Ephraim tells us that dancing is the perdition of girls and women, the blinding of men, the grief of angels, and the joy of the devils. Dear God, can anyone really have their eyes bewitched to such an extent that they will still want to believe that there is no harm in it, while all the time it is the rope by which the Devil pulls the most souls into Hell? (from the Book “The Sermons of The Cure of Ars”, TAN Books 2013, Page 206)

Either You Will Be Religious or You Will Be Damned

There is always the person who says to me: “What harm can there be in enjoying oneself for a while? I do no wrong to anyone; I do not want to be religious or to become a religious! If I do not go to dances, I will be living in the world like someone dead!” My good friend, you are wrong. Either you will be religious or you will be damned. What is a religious person? This is nothing other than a person who fulfils his duties as a Christian. (from the Book “The Sermons of The Cure of Ars”,Continue reading “Either You Will Be Religious or You Will Be Damned”

How We Should Conduct Ourselves at Mass

Do you want to know, my dear brethren, how we should conduct ourselves when we want to have the happiness of receiving God? Do as that good Christian does who goes to Holy Communion every week. He uses three of the days in thanksgiving and three in preparation. Well, who is stopping you from making all of your actions preparations for this? During this time, maintain an intercourse with Jesus Christ, who reigns in your heart, so that He may visit your soul and enrich it with all kinds of blessings and happiness. You should implore the Blessed Virgin, theContinue reading “How We Should Conduct Ourselves at Mass”

Purgatory Story: St. Severinus

The most astonishing thing was that there were actually saints there, even ones who were canonized, who were passing through Purgatory. St. Severinus, Archbishop of Cologne, appeared to one of his friends a long time after his death and told him that he had been in Purgatory for having deferred to the evening the prayers he should have said in the morning. Oh! What years of Purgatory will there be for those Christians who have no difficulty at all in deferring their prayers to another time on the excuse of having to do some pressing work! If we really desiredContinue reading “Purgatory Story: St. Severinus”

Purgatory Story: St. Peter Damien’s Sister

St. Peter Damien tells that his sister remained several years in Purgatory because she had listened to an evil song with some little pleasure. It is told that two religious promised each other that the first to die would come to tell the survivor in what state he was. God permitted the one who died first to appear to his friend. He told him that he was remaining fifteen years in Purgatory for having liked to have his own way too much. And as his friend was complimenting him on remaining there for so short a time, the dead manContinue reading “Purgatory Story: St. Peter Damien’s Sister”


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